Invite ByKids4kids to speak at your event. Link below to pictures from some of their speaking events.

Appearance on National Public Radio station:

Akash and Harmony were invited by NPR (KCLU) radio station to speak about their foundation and their experience of visiting Nepal.

December 2016 – Service learning Fundraiser at Aspen Elementary for Nepal:

Impressed and inspired by ByKids4Kids’s on going service to Nepal, in November and December of 2016, Kathi Byington of Aspen Elementary choose to fundraise for ByKids4Kids as a service learning project. Akash and Harmony were invited to Ms. Byington’s class to share the short video of their experiences in Nepal and talk about their project. One of the children in the class was so moved after watching the video (, he wanted to donate the $20 bill he happened to have in his pocket.

Besides raising money, the students learned about a new culture, wrote to the students of Shree Sudarshan Lower Secondary school in Nepal where the money would be going and got to practice their math skills through counting the change and adding everyone’s totals together. This school has 93 students (grades 1 thru 8)and is located in Palungtar, Gorkha, Nepal, one of the hardest hit villages by 2015 earthquake. Pictures can be viewed in the gallery section of the site.

“It is my hope that we, as a collective group of budding philanthropists, will realize that we have the power to be a positive influence in our world and to help those around us who are in need.”

-Kathi Byington, Aspen Elementary

Conejo Compassion Coalition:

“Everyone was blown away by Akash and Harmony. It is wonderful to find two young people who are so compassionate and articulate. They did an excellent job of describing their experiences in Nepal and their stories made everyone feel as though they were there.  By the time the presentation was over all of our board members had a great sense of affection for your family and the work you are doing in Nepal.  Perhaps we will be able to join forces again in the future with the ongoing work of rebuilding Nepal.”

-Dr. Robert Bland, President and Founder of Conejo Compassion Coalition

Oxnard Sunrise Rotary Club:

“Thank you so much for speaking at this mornings meeting of the Oxnard Sunrise Rotary. Thanks too for spending so much time with us. It was a very successful morning.”

-Nancy Stehle, Program Chair

Akash and Harmony in action as Cultural Ambassadors:

As a result of their inspiring work and the initiative taken by Kathi Byington of Aspen Elementary school, the students from Aspen wrote to the students of Nepal. Students from both ends were thrilled to exchange and receive letters. Kids from Nepal worked hard to understand them and to write responses back. Aspen students were amazed that the students from Nepal could write back so nicely in English. Several students were so proud of the letters that they displayed them in the front cover of their binders.

Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times interviews Nepali golfer Pratima, Akash and Harmony – August 2017:
Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times interviews Nepali golfer Pratima, Akash and Harmony. You can read the published featured article in the “Akash and Harmony in the News” section of the front page of this website.

Akash and Harmony host fundraiser dinner – August 2017
Akash and Harmony host fundraiser dinner for Nepali teenage golf phenom Pratima Sherpa and her coach Sachin Bhattarai.