This site chronicles the efforts of Akash and Harmony Pandey, two grade school kids from Southern California, who launched their signature “Bykids4kids of Nepal” campaign to raise money and collect supplies after the first deadly 2015 earthquake in Nepal to support kids that were affected.

Nearly 9,000 people lost their lives in the two successive earthquakes and over 22,000 were injured. Thousands of homes and buildings were destroyed, including all the schools in some areas.

Akash and Harmony used crowd funding, direct marketing of T-shirts, collecting recycling material and exchanging for cash, and donating their b-day $$ to raise money. After learning about their initiative, some kids even donated their piggy bank money to help fund the campaign. Their efforts have gone toward distributing much needed supplies immediately after the earthquake to more recently building a brand new school in the Gorkha district of Nepal. They are now actively raising fund to help support a second school that has just been rebuilt. Their effort have been covered by various medias including NPR radio station. Check out In the News section of this site in the launch page. In 2016, President Barack Obama acknowledged their effort. Akash and Harmony were happy to receive a letter from the President. Check out the pictures in the Gallery section of this site.

They are grateful to all of you for supporting their campaign.